Ollin to Perform at Summer Soda Tasting 5 on July 19

From musical theatre to saloons across the country, Ollin is ready to rock for the people of LA –and this year’s guests at Galco’s Summer Soda Tasting 5!

Founded by twin brothers Randy and Scott Rodarte, the Los Angeles based band has been rocking the LA music scene since 1994. The sounds of this power group can be best described as a blend of trumpet (Vincent Valdez), sax (Jon Wahl), accordion(Nicolas Valdez), violin(Laurel Diskin) driven melodies, backed by Guitarron (Venessa Calderon), pounding drums (Ralo Calzada), and a blanket of Fender electric guitar.

The original musical compositions in an Ollin show are representative of the band’s many influences: Texas two-step, Swing , Cumbia, Klezmer, Mexican and Irish fused folk and straight ahead Rock and Roll. This is indeed a full throttle musical ride, yet musically sensitive enough to capture the essence of the band’s introspective original tunes.

Ollin will be part of the musical offerings at Galco’s Summer Soda Tasting 5; other entertainers slated to perform: Don Preston (of Mothers of Invention fame) and Kyle Parker, classical guitarist.






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