Chowhound’s Obsessives: Galcos

Meet John Nese and discover what Galco’s is all about: Freedom of Choice.

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Galco’s Wants Your Old Photos!

Galco’s is gearing up to celebrate 60 years in Highland Park this April, 2015! Over the years, people have brought us old photos of not only Galco’s but of what Highland Park looked like in the 60s, 70s, 80s and more. Start gathering up your old photographs that you’d like to share with us  — more […]


Valentine’s Love, Galco’s Style

Chocolate beer, soda and wine? Check.                       Flowers in a bottle? Check.                     Old time candies? Check.                     We even have Valentine’s Day cards.


Galco’s Sells Monin Syrups…LOTS of them!

If you have used Galco’s Soda Creation Station, you already know that delicious Monin syrups are the key ingredient to a making a yummy bubbling carbonated concoction. Galco’s also sells Monin syrups by the bottle which folks have used for homemade coffee drinks, smoothies, cocktails and other recipes. Visit Monin’s website which has an extensive recipe […]